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New products going online soon!

Scallop ring October2014_018 skinny scallop ring October2014_027 Loopy ring October2014_016 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_125 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_113 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_109 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_104 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_100 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_092 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_085 For_Jo Lavelle_October2014_083 Disco ring October2014_009 2 tag drop October2014_055 2 tag drop October2014_042 2 scallop ring October2014_032

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On my desk today ………………

………. Is a necklace of smoky quartz beads which I have hand knotted with green thread giving it a lovely colour contrast.
Also a bangle that I made in 2008 with a tag which has been stamped for the customer. It has come back for another tag ( another baby ).